Frequently Asked Questions

All you need to know about the current situation with the new version of A Story About My Uncle
Q. When is the game being released?

A. The game is released on May 28th 2014.

Q. What is the price of the game?

A. The price is $12.99, £9.99 or 12,99€.

Q. How long is the game?

A. The game is 3-5 hours long depending on playstyle.

Q. Where can I buy the game?

A. The game can be bought digitally on Steam, Good Old Games, Gamers Gate, Green Man Gaming, Humble Store, Amazon, GameFly and on this website.

Q. How is this different from the free version from 2012?

A. The A Story About My Uncle from 2012 was just a prototype made in 10 weeks, it is no longer an official version and not the final vision we have for the story. Instead we decided to go big and make a fully featured release on Steam.

So what is different this time around? Well, not only is the game longer, sporting better visuals, less buggy and with new features – it is also pretty much improved all around in every way we could.

Q. Will the game support Oculus Rift?

A. No, the game does not have Oculus Rift support. We have tried playing the game with Oculus Rift, and unfortunately we believe that our game is too fast-paced to work well with the current hardware. We do see the potential of combining the two, and will follow the development of the Oculus to see if we can offer support in the future.

Q. Can I play the game on Mac and Linux?

A. No, the game can only be played on Windows for now. We have no current plans to make a port for Linux and Mac, but we hope to be able to do it in the future.

Q. What's your Let's play / Review policy?

A. You are free to post let’s plays, reviews (or any other format you can think of), on YouTube (or any other site), even monetized. You are also allowed to re-upload any of the trailers.

You are allowed to use the ASAMU soundtrack in the videos, modified as well. The only exception is the music tracks from the three trailers: As they were bought with a single-product license, you are not allowed to modify / re-use those music tracks, only play them alongside the trailers.