After working hard for almost a year we have finally released A Story About My Uncle to the world! From a small prototype in 2012 to a full release now in 2014, it has been quite the journey, but we are now ready to set it free for you all to play.

We like to thank all of you for your fantastic support during the development process, your kind words were the biggest motivation that kept us going during the late-night sessions and struggles with bugs.

We hope you will love the game just as much as we do, and have a fantastic time experiencing the world we worked so hard on creating.

Have fun!

– The Gone North Games Team

Screenshot Saturday: A new mechanic


Time for Screenshot Saturday, and here’s a pic from the first village you encounter in the game! The screenshots shows one of the optional places you can visit in the game where a new mechanic we call “Story Mode” will trigger. When inside these smaller areas, you will walk in a calmer pace with your grappling hand down, exploring details in the environment which will tell you more about the characters and story.

In these places you’ll also find an interactable item, which will make the narrator remember something special from his life and adventures, expanding the bedtime story told to his daughter. She herself might have some things to say about them as well!

Just remember these places might not be on the main path though, so be sure to look around to find them all!